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A Botanical Centrepiece

 All cakes are uniquely designed to order and can be complimented with a matching display of cupcakes or minicakes. Feel free to customise an existing cake, change colours and flowers to suit your theme or one can be designed just for you.

As the taste of your cake is just as important as the design, check out our flavours & fillings guide to select your preferred taste.

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The perfect treat

Each floral cupcake is a natural art form as well as a tasty treat. These vanilla & almond buttercream roses are delicately hand-piped on top of every cupcake. Bite-sized cupcakes are also available. Choose between our selection of colours & flavours to create your favourite cupcake!

 Prices range between 2,75€ - 4€ each

Floral Cakes: About


A tea-time favourite

Minicakes are a delightful alternative to the cupcake. Perfect for a party of two - or an indulgence for one! Mix and match with fresh flowers & berries to create a perfect combo.

Prices range between 12€-14,50€ each

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Mignon Cupcakes

The ideal canapé

These bite-sized miniature cupcakes are the perfect dimension for a sweet-flavoured pop-in-your-mouth canapé.

Minimum order of 25.

1,80€ each

Floral Cakes: About

All cakes are made with fresh local ingredients

Floral Cakes: About

Flavours & fillings

Classic Vanilla Sponge

A moist and light vanilla infused cake layered with madagascan vanilla & almond essence buttercream and raspberry jam.

Lindt Chocolate

A smooth chocolate sponge with 70% Lindt chocolate & dark brown sugar topped with a luscious chocolate buttercream for a more sophisticated flavour.

Coconut & Almond

An exotic combination of coconut milk and finely ground flakes for those bounty-lovers out there.

Chocolate & Brandy soufflé cake

This one is for chocoholics. A rich signature dark chocolate squidgy cake made with a dash of brandy and infused with 100% Arabic coffee & whipped with egg whites. A mouth-watering dessert perfect for intimate gatherings.

Carrot Cake

A moist and fluffy classic carrot cake spiced with a hint of ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg topped with a fresh cream cheese frosting. (Highly recommended!)

Zesty Lemon Sponge

A light and fluffy lemon-scented sponge cake with lemon or vanilla buttercream frosting.

White Chocolate & Raspberry

A delicate white chocolate sponge mixed with with fresh raspberries and topped with a white chocolate or vanilla bean frosting.

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Photo Gallery

Here below are some examples of floral designs available as inspiration for your event.

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